Monday, February 1, 2010

Letter From Penthouse Free Reading Online Ow Do I Get To Finally Live Out My Sexual Fantasy Like All Those Penthouse Forum Letters I Read In Their Mag?

Ow do I get to finally live out my sexual fantasy like all those Penthouse Forum letters I read in their mag? - letter from penthouse free reading online

I was reading a Penthouse Forum magazine and it seems that everyone living their sexual fantasies. It is my dream to finally be living my own, we too can boast of Penthouse Forum. How the hell do I get my boss, dress like a chicken and sing the Macarena for me and my pitbudoodle was a treatment for peanut butter?


Byron said...

You could ask him.

kikime said...

Maybe we can do such a thing happen orgy night? We make a survey on Thursday, and probably it can happen for you this month!
If someone objects Byron and I am sure that I accomplish anything? "

Sandra K said...

Just write about your ideas and send it to Penthouse. Everything else is it's never really happened.

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